The Beach is His Canvas


Artist and photoblogger HiMY SYeD likes to claim Woodbine Beach as his canvas.

See him do so tonight as he creates a lantern work of art monument to spell out Nagasaki Hiroshima. Read More »

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Failure – Giant Peace Symbol upon Marin Headlands



This panoramic stitching of three photographs shows the original intended width of the Giant Peace Symbol I began, yet failed to complete, upon the Marin Headlands, just north and west of the Golden Gate Bridge.

All the conditions finally were in place, a full day’s worth of fog would keep the GGNRA Rangers from stopping me in mid-Outstallation, it was not raining though it had been, hence the earth was soft enough for the pegs which would hold the pieces of paper in place to stay in position, I found the exact right spot to place the giant peace symbol, which would be visible from San Francisco right beside vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Everything was in place except one thing… Read More »

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himy makes peace on the hill


Matt O’Sullivan, “ matto ” to those in the know, was driving south into downtown Toronto on the Don Valley Parkway a few days ago, when he eyed my giant in-progress peace symbol on the the hill that takes up the east side of East Riverdale Park, on Broadview Avenue.

That momentary eye-popping glance was enough to entice matto into exiting the Parkway to get a better look. Read More »

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